Interview with Stefan Jaschke

Personal responsibility

instead of elbow mentality and competitive thinking

Interview with Stefan Jaschke, Partner at AXXCON

What qualifications should a consultant have?

Stefan is partner at AXXCON and leads major transformation projects and drives the internal recruiting process. He always has an open ear and loves his job as a consultant.

What requirements does AXXCON set for newcomers to consultancy?

We are looking for colleagues who are able to inspire other people and who enjoy the diverse challenges of consulting. Enthusiasm for digital topics and practical experience in this subject area are advantageous, preferably in the IT environment. In addition, our employees convince with their competence and implementation strength in the challenging tasks that have to be handled on a daily basis. It is not the elbows that draw attention to them, but the contributions they make towards solving our customers' challenges. And not to be forgotten: Joy in dealing with people. You should feel like advising and supporting people from other companies in optimising their working lives and processes with the help of modern technologies. Then I suppose you fit in well with our management consultancy.

Are there any degree programs whose graduates have particularly good prospects of entering the consulting industry?

The projects with our ambitious customers require above-average analytical skills, so that graduates of study courses in which analytical or mathematical topics are addressed have very good prerequisites. This is why study courses with an economic or IT-related focus are particularly important to us, and most of our employees actually have an economic, engineering or IT background. In addition to academic training, it is particularly important at AXXCON that our employees are able to work independently and systematically.

What are the essential requirements for the profession of management consultant?

During working hours we require full commitment from everyone at all times and our job involves a certain degree of mobility. We are aware that working in a management consultancy with exciting projects and clients is always time-consuming and sometimes travel-intensive. At AXCCON, however, this does not mean glorifying long working hours and well-worked nights. We strive to keep the daily working hours and also the travel volume within a reasonable and healthy framework. Our weekends are basically work-free, as our employees should take time for family, friends and hobbies.

Why is it great to work at AXXCON?

As a medium-sized company, we offer a personal environment with flat hierarchies on the one hand and professional structures on the other. We don't have an elbow mentality - but you can still make a career. In a medium-sized company, you get to see a lot, you get a holistic insight into the consulting projects - this is also a big advantage for our career starters. What particularly inspires me about this job is, on the one hand, the fact that I always face new challenges, both professionally and personally. On the other hand, the subject diversity in my daily work and what is especially important to me the close, sometimes almost friendly cooperation within the project teams.

Do you still have something you would like to tell us?

You can join AXXCON at any time. Both in Schwalbach near Frankfurt or in Düsseldorf. Beginners start with us at their side, consultants with professional experience support us at the customer or manage their own projects. Working students can get to know various tasks at AXXCON and are integrated into the team.

Thanks Stefan, for the interview.