Transformation becomes sustainable success!

Nowadays, companies have to be prepared for and react to a large number of major changes and uncertainties: Chances and risks through digitalisation, dynamics in markets and among competitors, globalisation changes and so on. For many companies, this implies the need to answer fundamental questions regarding their business model, the services and products they offer, the way they provide their services and the entire ecosystem and partner network, as well as finding effective solutions.

Three main areas are always in focus:
  • How will digital changes be managed?
  • How can new products and services be implemented using IT in the right way, and which role will IT in general play in the future?
  • How can all changes be introduced into the organisation in such a way that they are accepted and implemented without creating barriers?
    AXXCON exactly takes this challenge into account and consistently provides support in the three essential transformation areas. Based on our comprehensive experience, we always have the entire solution in view, from strategy to operational and technical project implementation:


    • For years, we have been regularly awarded as "Best Consultants" for our services and customer projects
    • All our consultants build the bridge from strategy to implementation. This provides you with several advantages: We do not define anything in concepts and strategies that cannot be implemented or only very inefficiently. As a result, the effort required for the project becomes more efficient. The focus on the actual content and solutions is thereby strengthened: We speak your language.
    • This also includes the consistency of solutions that span the topics Digital - IT - Organisation: We know how solutions can be implemented IT-technically, and we always make organisational changes with a view to the desired transformation result


    • We provide you with functioning and sustainable solutions from a single source
    • We neither propose nor promise anything that cannot be implemented
    • Individual initiatives do not only benefit the respective functional area, but also larger parts of the organisation
    • So you can better establish yourself in your market and strengthen your position