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Respect, trust and openness
characterise our cooperation
with the customer.

How we support

What makes us valuable: the people behind AXXCON. High-leadership consultants who act in an entrepreneurial and solution-oriented manner. In consulting teams or as temporary managers, we support you in the successful implementation of your projects and plans. As consultants, project managers, sparring partners or managers in transition phases, we are at your side.

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The Consultants

Torsten Beyer, Partner bei AXXCON
Torsten Beyer


Harald Freitag

Managing Partner

Matthias Gabb, Berater bei AXXCON
Matthias Gabb


Stefan Jaschke, Partner bei AXXCON
Stefan Jaschke


Martin Lehnert, Berater bei AXXCON
Martin Lehnert

Senior Manager

Claas Möller, Berater bei AXXCON
Claas Möller


Michael G. Möller, Managing Partner bei AXXCON
Michael G. Möller

Managing Partner

Dieter Murr, Partner bei AXXCON
Dieter Murr


Joachim Richter, Partner bei AXXCON
Joachim Richter


Dirk Stieler


Robert Trögele, Managing Partner bei AXXCON
Robert Trögele

Managing Partner

Hubertus Schleuter, Berater bei AXXCON
Hubertus Schleuter

Senior Executive

Jörg Thäle, Berater bei AXXCON
Jörg Thäle

Senior Advisor