Niklas von Roeder

Senior Consultant

Areas of specialisation

Digital transformation
Project Management




With AXXCON since 2020. He has experience in innovation and digitalisation at an insurance company. There he was responsible for the detection and conception of innovation and digitisation potentials and implemented them together with internal and external partners.

and person

He is a very spontaneous, loyal and open person, for whom the closest circle of friends also belongs to the family. Varied work is very important to him and he likes to take on new challenges.

Niklas, what is special about your job as a consultant?

"AXXCON enables me to apply my conceptual strengths and to use them sensibly in various working environments."

Last positions

Strategic marketing at Provinzial Rheinland
Digital Innovation Scout at Provinzial Rheinland

Dual studies, B. Sc. focus on insurance at the Provinzial Rheinland
M. Sc. focus Business Consulting & Digital Management