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Innovative business models and new ways are future and necessity. How can your ideas be turned into marketable innovations?

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  • Establish an innovation culture in your company

  • Establishment of an Innovation Lab

  • Drive your innovation management with new input and new methods

  • Develop real innovations from ideas.

Innovation – from the idea to the product

Shrinking sales and increasing competition are frequent problems for companies that have been on the market for a long time. The reason is simple. New suppliers enter the field, well-known competitors convince with new concepts. What wins are innovative products and business models. Digitisation has long since found its place when it comes to developing new offerings that lead to more growth.


Your company remains competitive if you invest in its future management. Innovative companies with a firmly established innovation culture use efficiency advantages and save costs. They are one step ahead in the battle for customers and employees.

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Bundle your innovation activities in an "innovation lab". More transparency enables you to exploit potential and synergies. The risk of double investments is reduced.

Innovation development

Embed innovation management in the organisation

Successful companies invest in their innovation management. It is part of their corporate culture. An already established innovation management must be constantly developed further. It often loses momentum over time. New situations require new perspectives. What helps is to look beyond one's own nose. New methods break up rigid processes and blockages and bring unconventional approaches. Maybe it is just the ones that move you forward.

Apply idea generation tools correctly

There are numerous methods of brainstorming that focus on customer benefit including design thinking and rapid prototyping. However, they only bring the desired benefits if they are individually tailored to each company. With internal idea generation workshops, implementation is quick and cost-effective on the one hand - on the other hand, you promote the joy of innovation in the company. If necessary capacities are lacking, targeted personnel development, intelligent sourcing and a corresponding partner network will help.

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AXXCON Innovationsmanagement Innovation Nucleus
AXXCON Innovationsmanagement Innovation Nucleus

AXXCON's four phases for a successful innovation process:

Phase 1

Innovation Health Check: 

Identifying innovation potential

Innovation health check is what we call the first phase of the innovation process. Goals are defined externally and internally and the environment is analysed. We help you to better understand the market in which your company operates. This is the only way to develop a sustainable strategy for idea and innovation management.

Phase 2

Foundation of an idea and innovation management in the company

Innovation management is only successful in the long term if it is part of the corporate culture. Promote idea development in the company. This enables ideas to be generated faster and more cost-effectively. Different perspectives are a solid foundation for sustainable ideas. The motivation and sense of belonging of the employees increase.

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Phase 3

Innovation support:

developing and scaling innovation

To generate, test and scale ideas quickly and efficiently in the market, you need the right tools. Methods such as design thinking, rapid prototyping and agile project management are used. With the help of first lighthouse innovation projects we define suitable methods for your innovation management.

Phase 4

Secure innovation progress:

Development of an innovation/digital lab

All companies and industries are faced with the task of further development. A regular exchange with cooperation and key partners ensures your innovation progress. Knowledge gaps are closed. New ideas and potentials are uncovered. We are pursuing the development of an exchange platform - a so-called "innovation/digital lab". With this concept, innovative ideas can be developed and implemented faster across divisions.



When we talk about innovations, we mean renewals. In an economic sense, these are new technologies, products, business models, innovative services or process innovations. Innovations are the drivers of tomorrow's sales. They increase efficiency, growth, sustainability and competitiveness.

You decide in which phase of your project we support you.

Why AXXCON is your partner for your innovation project

As a management consultancy for innovation management, AXXCON supports you in developing new ideas for product, process and business models and making them marketable. What convinces our customers: our focus on implementation. We specialise in transformation projects and the successful embedding of new processes in corporate culture. This promotes an innovative working atmosphere and lays the foundation for effective future management.

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