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How digital is your company?
Your "Digital Readiness" is the basis for becoming a digital Leader.

Our services

  • Measure your digital readiness

  • Develop target image and digitalisation strategy

  • Prepare your company for (digital) changes (change and IT strategy)

  • Develop digital business models and service concepts (innovation)

  • Piloting and implementation.

The future is digital

Digitalisation can be felt everywhere today. With it, customers' expectations change. New suppliers are entering the market and displacing others with innovative business models that are convincing and offer convenience. Analog, often complex structures and processes slow growth and drive up costs.


What a company does digitally is not only the use of digital communication channels. Holistic digital solutions are required in order to assert oneself in the battle for customers and employees. Digitalisation is to be understood as an opportunity to reduce complexity and to achieve growth and efficiency goals with simple concepts.

Unser Expertentipp:

Do not reduce digitalisation to the use of modern technologies or online applications. At the same time, check your entire organisation for the potential for digital change. Thus you use synergies in all areas.

Become digital: Implementing digitalisation in the company

Digitalisation means change with all its challenges

The development of new business models and service concepts is the focus in order to meet the rapidly changing expectations of customers. Tasks change - existing employee qualifications are no longer sufficient. Change requirements in the company, such as acceptance and appropriate skills, must be created in order to successfully undergo digital transformations.

Digitalisation needs information security

No less important is the topic of information security and ISMS. Digital companies benefit from increasing attractiveness through digital services and improved user experience. The increase in digital systems and the associated data volumes make data and IT security all the more important. Every company that becomes digital has to deal with this.

AXXCON Digitalisation Digital Transformation
AXXCON Digitalisation Digital Transformation

AXXCON's digitalisation approach:

We accompany your company on its way to becoming a digital leader in three stages. In our digitalisation model we map the complexity of a company. It encompasses all essential influencing and shaping factors for success. The focus is on the customer. What interests us is his "user experience" at all points of contact with the company.

AXXCON's Three-stage digital enterprise plan

Phase 1

Strategy assessment – digital readiness

The path to the digital future looks different for every company. Knowing where your business stands is the beginning of any digitalisation strategy. The initial situation and maturity level of your organisation are recorded in a situation profile. Market situations, competition and internal structures are taken into account. We determine your "digital readiness". What you get is an independent assessment of your current situation.

Phase 2

Strategy development - developing a target image

The "Digital Readiness" is the basis for a clear picture of goals. The focus of the target definition is on customer-relevant topics that strengthen your competitiveness in a digital world. For the way into the digital future we provide you with suitable methods and support you in establishing an active innovation management.

Phase 3

Strategy planning - creating a roadmap

The "digital roadmap" is your roadmap to the digital era and the core of strategy implementation. Concrete measures and schedules are part of the content. We support you with piloting and implementation. In addition to structures and processes, we also prepare your corporate culture for change.

What is digitalisation and digital transformation?

Digitalisation is often equated with the conversion of analog values into digital information. However, it is correct to divide digitalisation into three areas: (1) Digitalisation as part of digitalisation is the conversion of analog to digital data. (2) Digitalisation as a factor influencing the future orientation of a company means the digital and technology-driven change of the entire value chain and its processes. (3) Digital transformation as a third area is a necessary success factor for a digitalisation strategy. It deals with organisational and cultural changes in the company.

You decide in which phase we support you

Why AXXCON is the right partner for your digitalisation project

AXXCON accompanies your company into the digital world. We prepare your organisation to respond to change. In order to find and establish digital innovations, we create the necessary basis. We have grown with transformation and change projects. We know where to start in order to anchor changes in the organisation. We supplement this knowledge with experience from a large number of efficiency and IT projects and our digital expertise. Our core competence in project and program management makes us the right partner for complex digitalisation projects.

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Stefan Jaschke


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