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We make your IT fit for the future

If you want to be successful in the markets of the future, you need a powerful and efficient IT system. Therefore, the digital transformation of a company includes the appropriate IT transformation. In 2019 we conducted an innovation study to analyse the innovation culture of German companies, especially in the IT sector. As the results show us there is still a lot of potential up.

The transformation of your IT is a strategic decision: your IT must make digital business models possible, be cost-efficient and allow growth. The days when companies had to implement everything in-house are long gone. Today, there are numerous cloud applications and service providers that make it possible to keep your own IT infrastructure lean. At the same time, it is necessary to weigh up the pros and cons. The more you outsource, the more you will become dependent on external service providers. So, what is the right solution for your IT? Our Sourcing Study from 2018 shows that sourcing is becoming increasingly selective.

On this question, it is useful to look at things from the outside. Our consultants will support you during the conversion and set-up of your IT. All of them have many years of experience in IT transformation and the majority come directly from IT industry. We understand the interrelationships, have a strategic view and operational know-how. As AXXCON, we will provide independent and neutral advice.

We support you in adapting and developing your IT to the requirements of today's and tomorrow's market. Together, we develop the appropriate IT strategy for your company and support you during the implementation.


We offer you many years of experience from numerous successful projects for the optimisation of your IT. This includes the creation and implementation of IT strategies, business models and organisations, the support of (out-) sourcing projects as well as the definition and control of entire project landscapes, and organisational units you are responsible for. In this process, we bring in our intensive operational experience in the implementation of all these topics.

  • IT of the FUTURE

    The decisions you make in and for IT have an impact on your entire company. Therefore, we work together to analyse what tasks your IT must perform to provide optimum support for the current and future goals of your company. We will comprehensively define all relevant requirements. On that base, we will conceive and design your new IT - from the organisation to the corporate architecture.

    Optimum performance usually requires a mix of internal and external services. The goal should be a balanced mix of cost efficiency and core competence, which also considers the strategic importance of IT for the company. As independent consultants our focus during your IT transformation is not only on the IT processes. We also keep the goals of the entire company in mind. In this way we find the optimal intersection of performance and costs as well as between outsourcing and internal service provision. We strengthen the vertical range of manufacture of your internal IT and support you in the search for suitable service providers for what is to be outsourced. If required, we can also take over the drafting of contracts and contract negotiations with the service providers. We guide them in the desired direction so that you receive the best offer and the best service.

    Project management is complex and costly. Therefore, we support you in setting up your project management organisation in the best possible way and aligning your guidance and decision-making processes efficiently. Our experienced project managers work with you to control your project portfolio. Together, we define which projects are appropriate for you and implement them afterwards. In this way, we increase the efficiency for you and thus your return on investment. The transformation of IT itself is a major project that requires excellent project management. We also relieve you of the burden of implementing the IT transformation by taking over project coordination for you. You benefit from our experience with IT transformation projects, according to the following statement: The more experienced the managers of a project are, the greater the probability that not only partial goals will be achieved.


As a management consultancy, we support medium-sized to large companies in their IT transformation. We combine the most diverse expertise and have an overview of the current digital potentials and technologies. Our consultants have not only theoretical knowledge, but above all operational know-how and experience in strategic planning, implementation, and coordination of transformation projects. Therefore, we know what is possible and important especially for medium-sized companies. We provide independent and neutral advice because we are not bound to any software products.

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