IT of the future

IT of the FUTURE

We ensure the entire performance and competitiveness of your IT

The corporate IT is confronted with increasingly fast changing expectations. Last year's 'trends' are today's expectations.

At the same time, 'mandatory topics' such as IT security, compliance, stability, and performance must always fulfil the requirements of the business. In addition, an increasingly strong enabler role of IT is required. IT should no longer 'only' fulfil the requirements of the business. IT should allow the business to serve new markets, products, sales channels, and customers in a more cost-efficiently way. Speed and flexibility are more crucial than ever.


  • IT of the FUTURE
    Optimising the service delivery of corporate IT:

    IT strategy and service portfolio

    IT Target Operating Model (IT TOM)

    Operational Excellence (for operations and projects)


AXXCON is the strategic partner of corporate IT and the CIO. Together, we identify potential in all relevant areas and develop a target image. In this way, IT can be positioned and developed according to its future role in the company and the requirements of the business (e.g. regarding responsibility for digitalisation and innovation).

With our experienced consultants, AXXCON can ensure that 'mandatory topics' are continuously developed and that the necessary changes are successfully implemented in the key areas - in particular, the mandate and service portfolio of IT, the organisation, the provision of services as well as performance management.

We support the entire range of services for corporate IT, from the definition of an IT strategy to implementation support for corresponding IT projects and other initiatives for the transformation. Our focus is not only on the maximum effectiveness of individual measures regarding the 'big picture', but also on increasing and optimising the contribution of IT to the company's success.


    Together, we develop a precisely tailored IT strategy. Alignment with your business or your customers and feasibility are particularly important to us. Our focus is on a consistent, comprehensible, and sustainable strategy for your IT.

    The trend in IT strategy is towards a flexible corporate IT that can unite different challenges, business speeds as well as new business models and acquisitions.

    Based on your IT strategy, we detail your IT Target Operation Model. Thereby we consider all relevant dimensions including your organisation, your processes, your service delivery as well as your applications and your infrastructure. We ensure that your management processes and systems can control your IT at any time and that compliance and security requirements are fulfilled.

    As a consequence of the changed IT business model, the IT Target Operating Model will also change. In the next few years, cloud-based services will become more important than ever in and around IT. Data-driven business models and machine learning will have a direct impact on the various aspects of an IT Target Operating Model.

    We support you in achieving operational excellence in your IT. This includes the introduction of IT service management processes and tools, development of enterprise architecture management and the optimisation of your application landscape, or complex IT infrastructure projects such as cloud adoption.

    With the progressive professionalisation of the "preliminary products" such as cloud services, corporate IT is increasingly required to act as conductor, integrator, and orchestrator. Different service providers and different products must deliver precisely in a multitude of programmes and projects.
  • From strategy to operational excellence - with passion, experience, and pragmatism, we bring your corporate IT on the road to success.


  • AXXCON brings many years of hands-on IT experience along. Our proposals have a solid methodological foundation, are well thought out and implementable, and consider overarching trends as well as your individual challenges.
  • We are technically and methodologically up to date. Together, we lead you and your employees to the goal. Our team brings technical expertise as well as business know-how to your projects.
  • We have a large network of experts, partners, and service providers. No matter how specific your problem is, we will find the right solution for your challenges.


  • Your IT is prepared for future challenges and can provide a greater contribution to the company's success in the future.
  • You can address and fulfil specific customer needs better and more flexibly.