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Telecommunications providers are going digital: how to make your digitalisation a success

Generating sales through digital transformation

Digitalisation is indispensable if you want to keep up with the times: this is a fact that can no longer be ignored. The question is not “when” it is done, but “how” it is done. Owing to their specific business model, telecoms providers in particular have no time to waste. More efficient structures must be introduced in order to reduce costs and increase sales. Many of you are already in the midst of this transformation, but the desired results don’t always materialise. One crucial point is often overlooked. Hubertus Schleuter, consultant at AXXCON, demonstrates this using a typical example of digital transformation within a telecoms company.

Example of digital transformation within a telecoms provider company – the starting point:

The objective is to approach end customers of DSL and wireless network providers on various digital levels. As well as the web channel, these include mobile apps and sometimes even IVR interfaces. The use of social networks is not yet even a prime concern. These are however inevitably set to develop increasingly into another active channel in digital distribution. These activities will undoubtedly lead to added efficiency in the provision of services. The burden on classic hotline structures will be relieved. Many companies are already on the right track in this respect. Digitalisation is THE competitive advantage that will make all the difference in future. But, often, mistakes are made.

>> Digital distribution could be the competitive advantage that makes the difference to your future.

Why digital transformation doesn’t always work in companies – the problem:

In a nutshell: cutbacks in call centre staff. There is often a lack of exact figures on shifts in business and the resulting effects. While this may indeed result in short-term boosts in efficiency thanks to lower staffing costs, it also leads to a reduction in the sales generated by the call centre. In addition to this, the costs are shifted to digital distribution and new challenges emerge.

The lack of transparency regarding customer behaviour within digital channels is one such challenge. This prevents any qualified measures for any further potential gains in efficiency and, above all, makes tapping into new sales potential even harder. This is frequently down to historically rooted system breakdowns in IT systems, insufficiently developed apps and insufficient analyses.

Developing digital strategies is not enough – the solution:

One key step in gaining transparency is and, unfortunately, continues to be forgotten: the creation of an internal customer journey. This requires the use of touchpoint analyses at the respective contact points, generating sufficient customer transparency. This enables the development of targeted campaigns.

Case clusters are created to map out up-selling and cross-selling potentials and to prioritise these by sales level. This involves using a matrix which compares the sales potential of the various distribution channels and the costs involved. The next step: putting together a data analysis model. Further optimisation opportunities and sales potential can be uncovered on the basis of qualitative and quantitative data analytics.

>> Today, customers want more than merely customer contact, they want positive experiences.


The new touchpoints and KPIs

AXXCON Telecommunication Provider

Source: Hubertus Schleuter


Let us summarise again for you:

Focussed touchpoint analyses within digital channels and an internal customer journey ensure that the customer receives a consistent service and purchase experience across all channels. Products and services can be tailored to customer requirements and improvements can be put into practice more efficiently. Sales potential increases.

In most cases, additional definitions of the necessary technical and process-related measures are required right through to the set-up of new IT platforms. Of course it is worth nothing if you cannot measure the success of the work undertaken. For this it is advisable to construct another model which regularly compares the business cases from the cluster analysis with the results.

How AXXCON can assist:

As a consultancy firm for in-house change management and digital transformation we assist in finding and implementing solutions. From the cluster analysis and model creation right through to recommending priority distribution channels and setting up digital distribution, we bring our know-how in industry and IT to your project. IT- and process-driven issues as well as digital strategies and business models are part of AXXCON’s day-to-day business.

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