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Systematic Skills Management

Written by Norbert Hilger and Uwe Lachermund


When a company needs new skills at short notice, they often choose to bring in external experts. It’s a convenient solution, yet it also creates serious problems: Costs for external consultants go through the roof, internal knowledge becomes outdated, as do the competencies of the company’s own workforce. Systematic skills management can provide a remedial solution.


Increasing costs from external services, a lack of specialist skills within the company itself or the fear of losing the company’s high-potential employees are all reasons to implement skills management within the company itself. Skills and qualifications which will be needed in the future are continuously aligned with what employees and new recruits are required to do; in this way they remain within the company. Providing regular training to employees also has a positive effect on their levels of motivation.


For successful skills management, it is important to constantly compare the current state of affairs and future needs, in order to pre-empt a shortage of skilled employees and to ensure that future plans for expansion in the business portfolio are covered. HR departments and specialist departments need to work more closely with one another in order to ensure that the skills and qualifications required are more readily available. Both management and employees must be equally involved and motivated. Employees may be concerned, albeit mistakenly, that skills development measures mean headcount reductions. It is therefore vital to win the commitment of the employees in order to introduce a skills management programme. A tried and tested strategy for this might be to create positive examples in manageable chunks and present these at roadshows within the company, for example. It must be recognised that not all employees will be enthusiastic about this from the outset. What we might call “first movers” can often have a positive influence on their colleagues.


How AXXCON can help with this: AXXCON will take stock of the current skills within the company and identify any gaps and potential for cost savings. Measures such as retraining programmes will be developed and implemented. Skill levels will be assessed and structures within the company will be scrutinised. This will allow the development potential of current employees and new recruits to be deployed and the necessary corporate culture to be introduced for this to happen.








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