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A producer of electro-mechanical products expands its Production and Development, in order to improve its competitive positioning. New production processes are to be developed, while the establishment of in-house competencies in the company are to be driven forward at the same time. The dependency on suppliers should then be reduced and the company‘s market position strengthened. Well-founded information should be provided as a foundation for an acceptable investment decision. This includes the selection of suitable suppliers and the assessment of possible risks.



As a leading company for project management, AXXCON has already successfully executed transformation projects, and supported investment decisions. Experience in the set up of complex installations and applicable business processes, as well as in Development and Production, Procurement and Quality Management, make AXXCON the ideal partner for this task. 



Initial situation

Due to a lack of internal competencies, AXXCON is tasked with generating new and efficient production concepts, and providing information for a sustainable strategy decision. Significant objectives are the timely and cost-effective production, as well as the transfer of necessary competencies to the company and the product team.




In the course of realising new production concepts, existing processes in all business areas need to be revised and adapted to the new production. The distribution of new tasks and areas of responsibility among the employees, the creation of suitable teams and the establishment of corresponding qualifications make the project complex.



AXXCON’s solution approach and measures

On the basis of well-founded information, AXXCON delivers strategy options to management for a sustainable investment decision. Costs and benefits, as well as risks and countermeasures are generated and developed. The requirements placed on the installation, as well as the individual components are specified as a foundation for the assessment and selection of a supplier network. Deadline and cost risks are estimated within risk management, and priority lists and action plans are generated.

AXXCON establishes a proven project management which guarantees efficiency in planning and development, as well as ensuring consistent quality, for the successful transfer of the investment project to Production. AXXCON takes on the responsibility of task orientation at management level, and sensitises the employees to new tasks and constructive investments.



The electro-mechanical Production was able to be successfully started, and processes and teams could be newly coordinated. The processes in Production and Development were able to be quickly optimised by way of orientation to the Operational Excellence Method. Thereby, a foundation for the efficient and profitable continued development of Production – with a high degree of product flexibility – was set in place.




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