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Logistics – Introduction of a novel, digital product


Introduction of a novel, digital product for secure communication over the Internet in global operating logistics company.



Verifiable expertise in sales and in the conceptualization and implementation of a strategic market cultivation (product, target groups, partners, applications, communication, pricing, etc.). Furthermore AXXCON had developed an excellent reputation in the management of complex sales and business development issues due to other projects with this client. Another advantage: AXXCON is personally known to the structures, decision-making processes and people involved.


Concrete task, goal setting:

The occasion was the law by the Federal Government, to simplify and quicken a legally binding and secure communication between citizens and public authorities. Against this background the company had developed a stand-alone digital product, which was introduced in the German market for almost two years before the launch of any competing product. AXXCON had the task to identify relevant customers for the new product, contact them and explain the benefits, as well as initiating a contractual relationship between the partners. Therefore the understanding of the processes and procedures in the company was essential. On this basis potentially critical workflows were analyzed and starting points for an optimization or an increase in the security through the use of the digital product were worked out.


Initial Situation:

Relevant forecasts had predicted a very high potential for the new product. At the beginning of the project there was a small team with internal and external specialists who focused on the development of it. For the sales tasks some employees were recruited from within the company, who had gained experience with the marketing of the known product portfolio. Their task was the controlling, support and coaching of the existing sales network. Due to the novelty of the product and the resulting new areas as well as contacts at customer or partner side, it was necessary to identify appropriate target customers, especially the responsible decision-makers. Another challenge: the development of a compelling argument! What are the key processes on the client’s side? What tools for secure communications on the Internet are currently in use? What would be the cost and what specific benefits would the integration and use of the digital product bring for the client company? How would concrete action cases look like? What actions would be required? What areas on both products as well as on the client sides need to be involved? What would an internal and external communication look like? AXXCON brings substantial sales and business development experience along. So it was also possible to identify and prioritize industries in the digital environment, make appropriate contacts and convince the main market participants of the benefits of the digital product. Of course the interests of all internal and external stakeholders were adequately taken into account in all measures.



The challenge was the creation of an effective sales activity for a new and unique product, which contains only marginal parallels with the previously established product portfolio. Besides the existing branch organization was not familiar with the product and the contacts were completely new for the customer. Nevertheless the perception partly existed that there might be a cannibalizing. Therefore a separate business division was established for the new digital product, which required an even stronger administrative and human focus.



Together with the customer, AXXCON developed a strategic marketing plan, prioritized the client activity by potential and market access and created training concepts as well as verifiable use cases.



To list the first sales successes in attracting partners, AXXCON contacted the main target customers. In consultation with the customer AXXCON developed an argumentation strategy and held the acquisition talks, including the contract negotiations.



Within a few months it was possible to win the most important customers and cooperative partners.



The new digital product was integrated into the relevant core processes and these documented as reference models.



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