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IT consolidation to simplify your IT structure: efficient software selection using evaluation expertise

Many companies’ IT structures are often so dispersed that working efficiently is almost impossible. Digitalisation approaches are doomed to failure. Information security can no longer be guaranteed. IT departments often have to work with several applications simultaneously. This may be due to the acquisition of other companies, or the need for additional technology brought about by new service offerings and business processes. Such work is often carried out on high-maintenance, outdated systems. Additionally it is often financially unattractive to upgrade due to constraints on the service provider side. Such was the case for one of our customers from the insurance industry.


Task: IT consolidation

The company was faced with the challenge of bundling its IT and streamlining its systems in order to operate more independently on the one hand, and in order to pursue more efficient solutions on the other. AXXCON was commissioned with the neutral evaluation of suitable software solutions and providers. The targeted end result was a basis for decision-making, including a recommendation, and an evaluation of alternatives and suppliers.

That's the reason for AXXCON

AXXCON sees itself as a mover and shaker. It’s important to us that we cooperate with our customers on an equal footing. We take this approach not only at a managerial level but across all staff levels. Project success demands one thing more than any other: acceptance and willingness within the organisation. We invariably view such projects from several perspectives: How can the company benefit from forward-thinking innovation and optimally involve staff? Strategic concepts alone are not enough. It is our expertise in implementation and our hands-on mentality that make us a valuable partner for our customers.

Initial situation: complex IT infrastructure inhibits efficiency

For our customer, the legacy application can no longer cope with the increasing number of different tasks required of it. A change in strategy by the IT service provider, pending acquisitions and strategic considerations with regard to digitalisation are further challenges faced by the customer. The result is an elaborate infrastructure that makes efficient processes and synergy potential impossible. Various applications are performing, in part, similar tasks. The mix of in-house solutions and standard software is making maintenance more difficult.


This is what you need to take into account:

Challenge: IT consolidation affects existing business processes

Reservations within the organisation are not unusual. Transformation projects generally require changing business processes. For a project to be a success, it is not enough simply to gain acceptance on leadership. The project needs to be carried by and benefit all levels of the business. When evaluating suitable IT solutions, business cases need to be created for each alternative. Effects across all levels need to be taken into account. Opportunity costs and digitalisation possibilities at the strategic level. Efficiency costs at the tactical level. Conversion and change costs at the operational level.

AXXCON IT Consolidation Case 


How AXXCON will support you:

Approach: evaluation and sensitisation

When weighing up the various alternatives, AXXCON uses a tried-and-tested process model with appropriate templates and tools. This makes it significantly easier to create an individual evaluation matrix. As facilitator, AXXCON also takes care of organising workshops and interviews. These are a necessary means of determining the current status of the systems and environment as well as responsibilities, but also promoting acceptance of and sensitisation to the project as well as equality among involved stakeholders. This requires tact, experience and expertise. Allowing individual stakeholders to assume a position of dominance could lead to distorted results.

In brief: IT consolidation to simplify your IT structure

For reasons of IT security, increasing IT costs and complex IT structures, IT operations need to be bundled and systems streamlined. The various IT solutions must be evaluated so as to provide a basis for decision-making. The following points need to be considered: In the preparatory phase, determine your voting committees, schedules and necessary resources. Designate project drivers responsible for selecting suitable solutions. In the second phase, create a profile for each alternative. This should include assessments made on the basis of an evaluation matrix and business case. It should also present a more long-term view of scenarios, costs and effects at the strategic, tactical and operational level.

Use the following graphic as a checklist.

AXXCON IT Consolidation Case



Within three months a recommendation for management was developed concerning the core systems strategy going forwards. This recommendation comprised a business case over ten years, a qualitative evaluation of the alternatives, a consideration of the advantages and drawbacks as well as next steps following a decision by management.



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