Insurance goes digital. An example from the insurance sector: how distribution is going digital.


Task: Digital distribution

The digital age has now made it possible to take out insurance electronically too – legally-binding and at any time, day or night. This opens up new ways of gaining in efficiency. But it’s not just customers that stand to benefit from additional communication channels, customer advisors in sales do too. It was especially important to our clients to have a partner at their side that would involve their customer advisors from the outset. New task areas were to be opened up not only to maintain the advisory approach, but also to expand it qualitatively. The objective is to make digital distribution a reality.


The insurance sector is, like energy, industry and telecommunications, one of AXXCON’s focus sectors. Our partners have long-standing experience in the financial services sector. As a digital transformation consultancy firm, we primarily support transformation and efficiency projects. These include the digitalisation of established processes, the introduction of new compliance structures and the development of digital business models. We invariably view such projects from several perspectives: How can the company benefit from forward-thinking innovation and optimally involve staff? Strategic concepts alone are not enough. It is our expertise in implementation and our ensuring acceptance within the company that make us a valuable partner for our customers. A high level of pragmatism and a hands-on mentality play a critical role in this.

Initial situation

In order to conclude or adjust a contract, customer and representative must meet personally from time to time or exchange documents by post. On account of adjustments to existing insurance contracts or other minor issues, travel into the branch or a house visit by the broker is often unavoidable. A not inconsiderable effort for either side, and not always proportionate.


The new communication solution involves a so-called spike solution from the customer frontend to the backend systems of the insurer. This requires the merging of different IT worlds which have largely functioned in isolation of one another thus far. Countless interfaces need be coordinated, experts brought together and responsibilities defined along the business processes.

Stricter regulatory requirements, data protection issues and documentation requirements in the insurance sector mean that extensive coordination with the legal department is required.

AXXCON Insurances become digital


The aim is to provide the customer with their own personal mailbox in which they can view their contracts and offers. Contracts should also be able to be signed legally on the customer’s own tablet or smartphone.

A specialist German provider offers a solution specifically for digital signatures. The system enables advisor and customer to sign documents at staggered intervals. A legally-binding signature can be made at any time.

The customer advisor is involved right from the start. They are the ones who actively offer and set up the new sales channel for their customers. This means that personal consultancy remains a central component of the service. Concluding contracts digitally with expert advice is an added option for the customer.

In-house seminars, conferences for sales representatives and films about the advantages and new functions accompany the sales rep training.

Successful implementation of this requires more than just professional project management. The introduction of digital processes requires the active involvement of all stakeholders within the company. AXXCON supported the transformation in all technical and organisational aspects, including staff and management-related issues.


Within 16 months the contracting procedure was – from the software selection right through to the roll-out – switched to electronic communication and implemented successfully. The new digital distribution channel started in the field of simple composite products. Further insurance products (accident, life insurance) will follow.

The approach selected enabled a very swift implementation despite the complexity of the solution. A high level of customer and user acceptance was another result of this. The company was therefore able to build on its leading position as a service insurer that stands for quality consultancy expertise.

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