AXXCON Bundling IT Services

Energy supply – Establishment of a service company


Quick installation of a ready to start unit, that bundles IT services for the public services in Schifferstadt, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Waiblingen and Lindau and the transfer of this unit into an independent corporation (Municipal IT cooperation of public services). Aiming to increase the standardization, service quality and cost effectiveness.


Relevant experience made AXXCON the ideal service provider for this task. Experience in the building and remodeling of IT services, interim management, the energy sector, public utility services and the knowledge of the energy and IT business processes.

Initial Situation:

Four public services with different IT equipment, but using the same industry software solution on different implementation levels. Reliable data processing is crucial in the energy industry due to the more stringent requirements of the Federal Network Agency.


AXXCON was tasked to standardize the IT, the relevant processes as well as the alignment of the different skill sets within these four companies. Issues within the public services were the lack of resources, no project capacity and manufacturer dependency in relation the use of software. Furthermore shortcomings in the software implementation and its operation. The aim was to merge four public services in one service-cooperation.


The software manufacturer had to collaborate functionally, but was not particularly cooperative and was also not able to serve the required quality. Within the public services there was a permanent lack of resources.

Special performance:

Coordination of four public services over three federal states.


AXXCON forms a virtual service management unit, which implements the project and service management and in the same time sets up the future structures.


AXXCON took over the business and technical functions until the transfer to the service company was possible.


The clients were able to approach immediately the entrepreneurial idea and achieve short-term benefits. Alternatively, the establishment of a separate service unit would have lasted up to more than one year.


The (new) company successfully participates in the market and achieved economic and qualitative results for the four public services (shareholders). Teaming up in a service corporation has saved each of the public services 20-25% – and more time to take care of actual business.



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