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The electronics industry is strongly influenced by a fast pace of change in technology and an increasing requirement for innovative products. Consequently, both the life of the product and the innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. For a global electronics company, this represents a reason to optimise Product Development with a view to greater efficiency and profitability. In doing so, the objective is, above all, an improved forecasting for the products.



AXXCON has already proven in numerous efficiency projects just how a technology transformation has to be completed. Customers are convinced by the relevant industry backgrounds of AXXCON Managers, and a high level of expertise in product life cycle processes.


Initial situation

In order to keep up with increasing competitive pressure, Product Development and the applicable processes – from Procurement through to Quality Management – must be adapted for future market requirements. In particular, delays in product development are to be dealt with as quickly as possible. In addition, the participants have to be prepared for their areas of activity, some of which are new, while ongoing continued developments and trials of new processes are driven forward.



Employees with differing ideas and levels of knowledge come together within Product Life Cycle Management, due to cross-divisional processes and various functions. The integration of optimised and standardised procedures is therefore often associated with significant challenges.


AXXCON’s solution approach and measures

AXXCON generates a Stage Gate Process. Specifically defined phases enable greater optimisation and monitoring of individual sections in Development. Fixed milestones mean that stages of development can be measured, and imminent risks can be identified at an early stage. Training sessions and courses shape the second project phase. AXXCON accompanies the Project Managers in the first pilot projects to ensure a successful transfer. Simultaneously, employees are trained in real Development projects and prepared for new areas of responsibility.



AXXCON Case Efficiency




The newly created Development structure was able to be integrated successfully. The results was a unified Portfolio and Development Management across all sites which brought with it a transparent and unified mode of operation. Development agendas can now be easily controlled, and product innovations can be launched without delays. Defined KPIs today serves as a foundation for the continual assessment and identification of potential possibilities for improvement, and support the ongoing Development process.




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