AXXCON Scrapping landlines

Classic landline phones are being scrapped

Written by Torsten Beyer and Jens jäger


Most employees at Westfalen Weser Energie only use their laptops to communicate with each other. With the help of a small headset and the Soft Client programme, it is now possible to make phone calls using laptops, which enables the company to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by modern Internet telephony.


The first obstacle to overcome is the scepticism with which these kinds of projects are often met within well-established companies, in which the average employee is over 45 years old. After all, over the last few decades making phone calls in the traditional sense of the word has become a matter of habit. Tip: To aid the process of readjustment, you can also forego a traditional headset in favour of a Bluetooth headset, modelled on the former. This idea was well-received at WESTFALEN WESER ENERGIE, where the last few landlines are now in the process of being scrapped.


User-friendly operation is an advantage of this process. Users can select a phone number using Outlook, invite the interlocutor to a video telephony, have a chat or get in touch with someone by texting them. In addition, employees without a fixed workplace can be reached on the same number, even when using a home office. This eliminates the outlay associated with setting up a workplace in the traditional way and facilitates the relocation process. It also saves time and money. 


The whole article (german) is published in Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft (Edition 10/15). 






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