AXXCON Automotive Industry Interim Management

Automotive industry – Interim solution for the sustainable increase of technology performance


No suitable occupancy can be found within a year for the tasks of a trans-national technology leader in the area of Development, Procurement and Project Management. The requirements of the internationally operational automotive supplier are technologically sophisticated, and comprise complex tasks. As an Interim Manager, AXXCON is commissioned to take on this task and execute suitable efficiency projects.    


Specialised in interim management, and with expertise in efficiency and transformation projects, AXXCON relies on experienced Managers who are, at the same time, industry and technology experts. Numerous interim mandates are evidence of similar situations which were able to be successfully executed for the customer with AXXCON’s “Interim Management” expertise. The selected experts are also distinguished by an ability to identify particular challenges in the shortest possible time, and introduce suitable measures. In doing so, the focus is always on the achievable, with verifiable positive results for the customer and its employees.    

Initial situation

A prompt full-time occupancy of the position should be solved by the Interim Manager, in order that tasks can continue to be comprehensively processed. The collaboration between the individual sites, production plants and the central technology division must also be optimised. Above all, an urgent objective is, as far as efficiency and structure are concerned, an improved project completion with the client.    


Due to the extended period of time when the position is not occupied, and the limited internal capacities, tasks can only be undertaken with minimal priority. Topics cannot be processed in a timely manner, and the performance in Project Development does not fulfil the requirements efficiently. This has, among other things, the consequence that employees are dissatisfied, and that employee fluctuation increases accordingly.    

AXXCON’s solution approach and measures

AXXCON occupies the position with a Manager for six months, who brings their many years of expertise to the necessary competency areas. Targeted measures for improvement can be generated on the basis of a detailed analysis of the organisation and the processes. Structures are optimised, and a regular exchange increases the willingness to communicate, along with the level of trust between team and management. As a basis, the processes are aligned with the APQP Model. “Advanced Quality Planning” is used, above all, in the automotive industry for the analysis of successive phases. In doing so, structures and business processes can be optimised and systematically adjusted for improved output. Competence profiles on all employees also enable the planning of suitable training measures. The tasks are specified and areas of responsibility are clearly defined for the transfer to the appropriate successor.     AXXCON Interim    


Corresponding KPIs were defined and employees were sensitised to these, which serve the measurability of process efficiency, quality, financial situation and customer satisfaction. In addition to the named structure and process improvements, it was possible, above all through open communication between management and employees, to achieve a significant improvement in employee commitment. Regular coordination with regard to the situation and objectives strengthened the effect. The area was transferred to a newly appointed Manager after six months.  



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