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Digital transformation - we accompany you on the way to the future

As a management consultancy we have specialised in digital transformation of medium-sized and large companies. Together, we develop a digital strategy that makes you fit for the market of the future.

Digital transformation is more than just digitalising analogue processes for us. More than just sending electronic invoices or digitally process customer data. Transforming a company digitally means rethinking the company from the ground up: developing new products and services, reaching new target groups and finding new ways of working together.

To succeed in the future, your company needs a comprehensive digital strategy as well as a digital business model that extends and complements your current offering. This is where we, as AXXCON, start. We support you in optimising your existing business model and developing new business models. So new growth opportunities will open up for your company.

Stefan Jaschke

Managing Partner


For the digital transformation to succeed, several factors must be right: the vision and implementation, the skills of the employees as well as their motivation. Accordingly, digital transformation is a top management issue.

Together, we develop your personal digital strategy and outline the roadmap for your path. Afterwards, we accompany you in the implementation of the necessary measures. We manage the individual transformation projects, coordinate the specialists among themselves and provide your employees with the necessary know-how to realise the potential that digitalisation offers. Together, we will increase the digital maturity of your company.

As external consultants, we bring an unbiased view of your company and consider the impact that individual changes have on the entire organisation. Certainly, we make sure to involve your employees in the transformation process and to inspire them for it. After all, the success of change stands and falls with them. Change processes can trigger uncertainty and fear among the workforces. These must be absorbed. We support you in communicating the planned changes and actively involve your employees in the organisational transformation.


    We support you in developing a digital business strategy. Together with your experts, we create a strategy that is adapted to the respective value stream in your company. In this process we consider new technologies which enable completely new approaches. Based on the current status quo in your company, we develop an action plan and roadmap, which we implement together afterwards. The most important thing for us is that you always retain control of the individual measures of the transformation. From our point of view, digitalisation and innovation are part of a company's intrinsic abilities, which must be preserved. We see our role as a trustworthy partner for digital strategy and transformation. Additionally, we ensure that you receive the necessary external view on all considerations.

    The digital platform is the backbone of your digitalisation. This technical view on the specific IT architecture of the respective value streams in the company must be adapted to the appropriate requirements of the business areas and business strategy. Therefore, is a coordinated and strategic approach necessary to avoid a patchwork quilt and uncontrolled growth. We, as AXXCON, support you in deriving the future platform architecture from the business requirements. We build the organisation needed for operation and development as well as the interface to the other IT systems in such a way that an efficient and cost-effective technology level is created. Together, we implement this in a transformation closely based on the business strategy, in which we ensure a holistic view of the value streams in the company.

    An important key to the success of the Digital Transformation is an efficient roadmap and a management of implementation projects and programmes focused on an optimal cost-benefit ratio, which will achieve fast and sustainable results. During the process we support you with an experienced and senior Digital Transformation Office Team. Our Team permeates all aspects of digital transformation in terms of content and manages the transformation independently and in your interest. We can also manage your Partner Ecosystem, which will provide you with additional support for the respective digitalisation initiatives.


As a management consultancy we have specialised in the digital transformation of medium-sized and large companies. Our consultants have many years of experience in various industries. We combine the most diverse expertise and have an overview of the current digital possibilities.

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