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We support you in making the digital business strategy the driving factor of your company

The importance of corporate strategies is going through a fundamental change because there is not only one strategy for the entire company. Instead, individual business unit strategies (marketing, sales, supply chain, IT, digital production, etc.) are demanded, which also affect the vision and mission of the company.

The necessity of a digital strategy is therefore greater than ever.

How can current developments (digitalisation, glocalisation, technological change and increasing economic interdependence) be managed? Strategists need to understand, adapt to, and thrive in a much larger spectrum of strategic environments. They also need to build the necessary knowledge and keep it updated. The targeted use of knowledge is most successful with independent external expertise and a coherent methodological strategy development approach.

Dr. Bernard Richter

Senior Manager


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Your company's digital strategy sets the guideline for all areas of the company. This applies to the individual business areas as well as to the individual cross-sectional functions such as HR, procurement, and IT. Eventually all involved and needed areas must work together to define a sustainable strategy. In cooperation with our industry experts and with the help of design thinking as well as innovation methods, we design the business models of the future. Our focus is thereby on the following questions:

How will business change in the future?

How can current business models be optimised and expanded with the help of new technologies?

Are there new technologies that make a certain business model possible?

What is the market doing and in which direction is the competition going?


    • Together, we develop the strategy for the digitalisation of the essential core processes and value streams in the company.
    • In developing the strategy, we focus on a pragmatic approach, realisability and utility maximisation.
    • With our clients, we jointly take responsibility and implement new business models as well as digitsalisation projects.

    • The use of new technologies is increasing the development of new business models that were previously impossible to implement.
    • We help you to define them appropriately and provide it with a solid and realistic business case.
    • Of course, we also support you in their implementation and operationalisation.

    • You are unsure whether your digital strategy considers all the necessary issues and pitfalls? We support you in ensuring that this is considered accordingly.
    • In cooperation with our clients, we assess the content and quality of the strategy, considering best practice approaches as well as an overarching industry and market view.
    • Together, we ensure your pioneering role in your industry.
  • Benefit from our knowledge and experience. Get to know our team personally. Strategy is a matter of trust.


  • Our team works in a very pragmatic and results-oriented way with many years of experience in the development of digital strategies.
  • In addition to methodological knowledge such as design thinking and extensive insights in various industries, we also bring our own innovative and successful formats such as Ideation-to-Go as an enabler for strategy development.
  • We also provide you with the appropriate expert for special topics from our extensive partner network.


  • By formulating the digital corporate strategy, we define together with you the most important cornerstone for the successful and sustainable continuation of the company.
  • We ensure that the latest developments in the market and in other industries are considered in your digital strategy.
  • A transparent and realistic cost/benefit analysis helps you to prioritise the important issues.
  • We consider external influences and developments, which sustainably increases the quality of the digital strategy, by thinking outside the box.
  • Our team ensure that you have an appropriate digital technology platform for all digital business initiatives. Thereby we consider and plan the related processes in advance.
  • As a partner for digital transformation, we manage the initiatives in your company together and ensure a coordinated approach.