We develop the solution architecture for the implementation of your digital business strategy

Digitalisation influences all areas of your company. In addition to processes, products and services, the IT landscape, IT architecture as well as the way you procure and integrate IT services must change.

No digital transformation without the right IT infrastructure. Your digital IT landscape must be aligned with the requirements of your business model and offer space to grow according to your digital strategy.

To implement an efficient IT infrastructure with growth potential, you need a coordinated approach that is strategically aligned with your goals. We support you in deriving and implementing the future architecture of your IT platform from your requirements and goals. Thereby, we ensure the communication of your systems with internal interfaces. In this way, you can digitalise different areas step by step.

Thomas Gondorf

Senior Manager


  • Digital architecture

    Digital processes

    Digital platform operating & sourcing model


We support you in the implementation and integration of a digital platform in your company and your IT landscape. In this process, we create a digital platform strategy which is aligned with your needs. We derive this from your digital strategy based on your corporate strategy and design a stakeholder-appropriate platform architecture. The focus here is on increasing flexibility through the modularity of the platform. Together, we pursue the goal of ensuring optimal interaction between the core components of your current system world.

    • With our clients, we answer the question of the ideal digital platform for the core value streams in the company.
    • In this process, we compare the potential solutions on the market and select the optimal platform for you.
    • The selection of the right platform is based on the required functionalities, costs for acquisition and operation, complexity, and other factors such as security.
    • We also make sure that the future digital platform is integrated into your existing IT architecture and that the necessary measures are initiated.

    • Digital platforms are very close to your core business and thus require optimised processes for operation and further development.
    • It is our goal to bring the operation and further development of the digital platform closer to your business. We support you in the definition and implementation of product owner structures and implement e.g., BizDevOps processes and agile working methods in your company.

    • In most cases, the operation of a digital platform is different from a classical IT solution. This starts with a specific partner ecosystem and goes through adapted processes for development and operation to the employees who need special knowledge and skills.
    • We support you in defining and implementing the operations of your digital platform and take your business and IT staff along on this journey.
  • We support you with a platform that is individually tailored to your needs.


  • We support you in designing a modern and efficient IT platform to increase your sales and reduce costs.
  • Due to the modular approach, you can quickly connect your new customers to the systems as well as design new template-based products and services.
  • In addition, a significant reduction in licence and maintenance fees as well as process costs is achieved.


  • We ensure that we select and implement the optimal digital platform for you.
  • ake advantage of revenue growth potential by automating processes and increasing flexibility in your overall architecture.
  • Improve your operational efficiency by using modern platforms optimised for the business purpose.
  • Accelerate your development times and cycles and reduce your process costs.
  • Develop next-level products and services for your customers and users.