Process digitalisation

COVID-19: We help you to digitalise your processes as soon as possible

Companies are not prepared for situations in which a very large number of employees work outside their usual workplaces. As a result, many processes are not designed for a decentralized and paperless working environment - especially in back office functions such as accounting or HR. Companies are now forced to digitalise processes that were previously considered " not suitable for digitalisation" on an ad-hoc basis to the extent that they can be distributed or implemented decentrally. The criticism of infrastructures for the provision of services to employees, for example in the home office, has risen significantly - a failure can affect the working ability of hundreds of employees. Due to the ad hoc required capacity expansions, security aspects (data protection and IT security) cannot be fully considered.

  • We will review your processes implemented to reduce the impact of the pandemic and compare them with your previous processes and technology
  • We will professionalize and stabilise your technology and processes
  • We will use the momentum of "forced" digitalisation to ensure the efficiencies achieved and take further steps
  • We will examine measures regarding their contribution to Business Continuity Management (BCM)
  • We will develop instructions for action to supplement the BCM measures
  • We will review measures and analyse weak areas regarding IT security and data protection

  • We make a virtue of necessity!
  • The introduced changes in technology and processes can significantly change our collaboration and process map
  • It is important to identify and establish those measures that can create sustainable value for the company and actively contribute to digitalisation
  • Diminished fears about digitisation can be used to take further steps and overcome initiatives which were previously believed to be unfeasible


Joachim Richter


Thomas Gondorf

Senior Manager