IT cost optimisation

COVID-19: We help you to sustainably optimise your IT costs

More than ever, IT organisations are currently required to make their contributions more effective in terms of costs and cost structures. However, this may not mean an unconditional reduction, but rather sustainable optimisation, because both during and after the crisis the IT performance needs to be ensured and even more than before, it needs to be able to react to flexible changes.


Often technical changes are the main focus of such projects, but the review and adaptation of IT services and projects and, as a consequence, IT structures and processes are usually more effective in the long term. It is important to implement the right actions in the right order as well as at the right time in order to achieve the goal of sustainable rather than one-time effects. We offer the necessary expertise to optimise your IT organisation and thus be able to offer you a greater business success.

    AXXCON offers you an approach called "Sustainable IT cost optimisation". Hereby we proceed as follows:
  • Together we will define your goals and develop your potential. We will set the development of your costs for the upcoming years
  • We will reduce and adjust your IT services and projects to the essentials in order to achieve goals and avoid unnecessary costs
  • We will optimise your sourcing by refocusing your make-or-buy to optimise cost vs. quality and make your costs more flexible

    We do not only want to get you through this very challenging situation, but also secure your role for the time after the crisis.
  • A transparent baseline for a sustainable alignment of IT costs is set
  • IT services and projects are eliminated, optimised or adapted
  • IT service performance is optimised and sustainably flexible


Michael Gschwendtner


Martin Lehnert

Associate Partner