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Transformation / Digital Transformation


>> How can your company benefit from new developments and develop sustainably?

Managing business transformation – boosting digital transformation

Supporting companies on their way into the future

Efficiency and growth targets can hardly be achieved without the use of new technologies. Processes are becoming digital, business models are renewing themselves and last but not least the fight for new talent provides the impetus for change. The new company must be attractive, efficient and future-oriented. More than ever, customers and employees are becoming the focus of attention. They determine the degree and success of the changes that become the necessary "permanent task" in the company. Business transformations are inevitable to survive in the market - and too important to leave them to chance.

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What is transformation and digital transformation ?

Transformation or business transformation means the fundamental and sustainable restructuring of a company and its organisation. Structures, processes or even entire company divisions as well as all relationships with the outside world (suppliers, customers, partners) are redefined and prepared or aligned for future challenges. Disruptive business models and the use of new digital technologies are in demand and require sustainable organizational structures.

How we support you

The well-known transformation model of Gouillart and Kelly is still valid. It describes the four transformation areas, the so-called four "R". Companies need to reorient themselves to discover new opportunities (reframing). The organisation must provide the platform for this (restructuring). New growth opportunities arise from new markets, services and products (revitalising). This brings with it new processes and tasks. In order to meet these requirements, however, employees must also be appropriately qualified and their skills must be developed and developed (renewing).


AXXCON Business Transformation

AXXCON's competencies

The components for sucessful transformation projects

Companies that reinvent themselves go through these four transformation phases - but not always planned and structured. Only in the interplay of change management, organisational design and IT strategy can the success of your individual company transformation be secured.

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Change Management

>> How do your employees and other stakeholders support future and necessary changes in the company?

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>> Organisation and structure are the be-all and end-all of any successful company and project. How efficient is the organisation of your processes and procedures?

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IT Strategy

>> How can your IT strategy advance the company in the digital age and make it more efficient?

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AXXCON's focus topics

Achieving efficiency goals through transformation





>> Innovative business models and new ways are future and necessity. How can your ideas be turned into marketable innovations?

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>> How digital is your company? Your “Digital Readiness” is the basis for becoming a digital Leader.

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Information Security

>> How secure is the foundation of your company? Information security is necessary to guarantee stable processes and a prerequisite for digitalisation projects.

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>> Successful companies invest in efficiency and low cost structures. How can value chains, processes and results be optimised?

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We will help you to realize your transformation project.

Why AXXCON is your partner for your business transformation

Our consulting is specialised in change tasks. We combine all necessary competencies to support your company in the four transformation areas. Individually tailored to each company, we develop strategies, best practices and solutions that will bring you safely to your goals. With our implementation-oriented solution approach, we focus on the technical and interpersonal aspects of a project in order to secure the future viability of your company.

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