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Cooperation with AXXCON

Would you like to be part of a consultancy specialised in business transformations? Like any consultancy, we support our clients in achieving their goals - but above all in successfully completing their projects. The core of our actions lies in the implementation of strategies. We develop realistic visions and feasible strategies and work right in the middle of them. Where decisions are taken. Customers see us as doers and implementers. Time and again we are called upon as "cleaners", for example when it comes to turnaround or restructuring of complex projects and programs. Where necessary and possible, we are pragmatic in reaching our goals.

We rely on the strength of the individual. But our continuous growth shows that much more can be achieved in a team and network.

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We are looking for people who are keen in forming a dynamic company.


Complement us - with your know-how and ideas. Together we form a future-oriented company that thinks and acts differently. As an Executive Partner you share with us the claim not to leave customers alone with concepts and strategies, but also to tackle them operationally and to accelerate their implementation in the company.

Become a partner at AXXCON

You are a management consultant and entrepreneur? As an "Equity Partner" you will develop solutions for "your" industry, with which we create a perfectly complementary portfolio that offers flexible approaches and the best possible synergies.

Senior Advisor on behalf of AXXCON

As Senior Advisor you work on behalf of AXXCON. You use our existing infrastructure and fall back on a proven network of experienced consultants and partners. We benefit from additional capacity and your complementary know-how. Together we act as a strong team with the common goal of optimally supporting our customers. Let us make this a win-win situation together.


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