Every year, the business magazine Focus awards the title “Growth Champion” in cooperation with Statista. AXXCON is there again!

7. March 2017 •

Every year the business magazine Focus, in collaboration with Statista, chooses its ‘Growth Champions’ for the year. The title goes to young enterprises that have completed their progression from start-up to established company in the first few years of their existence.

AXXCON can number itself amongst Germany’s ‘Growth Champions for 2017’, as revealed in the latest annual rankings compiled by the business magazine Focus and the statistics company Statista. In order to be considered for the award, companies had to exhibit above-average growth in turnover between 2012 and 2015. AXXCON had already been chosen as a Growth Champion for 2016 last year. One thing is clear: AXXCON’s staff are to thank for its rapid growth. Managing Partners Harald Freitag and Michael Möller are in complete agreement on that point. ‘The management decisions we take are focused on creating a long-term and sustainable future for AXXCON.’


In this interview, Managing Director Michael G. Möller tells us why it is worth taking a look at AXXCON as an employer. He answers exciting questions on topics such as who we are looking for, what we offer young career starters and professionals and what distinguishes us from large consulting firms.

Mr Möller, you are a Managing Partner at AXXCON. What, in your view, makes AXXCON so successful?

One of the key differences, I believe, is how we are set up. We attach a great deal of importance to being able to provide conceptualisation, planning and implementation from a single source. It goes without saying that success would not be guaranteed without the people we have. Our consultancy teams are very streamlined. Instead of using the traditional ‘pyramid’ structure favoured by many of our competitors, we have a flat hierarchy in which experienced partners and managers work closely together with young, creative minds.

What exactly does AXXCON offer its staff?

Our young people get involved in projects at a very early stage. That’s where they learn most. And it’s a good way for them to enter the field of business consultancy. They become familiar with a range of topics, sectors and companies throughout Germany. They learn directly from our experienced colleagues and are very quickly able to work on smaller projects on their own. And there is also the opportunity to work on an international level. We regularly have projects outside Germany.

We provide each young professional with a mentor – usually a partner – who then guides their development over a number of years. Their professional and methodical skills are developed, but we also attach a great deal of importance to personality development.


Dominik joined AXXCON last year. Why did you choose AXXCON?

I’m originally from the world of start-ups. So I’m naturally attracted to the idea of working in a company where you’re not just one of many, but where you can be involved in making decisions and know you have made some contribution to the company’s success. That’s a great opportunity for people starting out in their careers. It’s a very steep learning curve and it comes at you very quickly. You’re involved in projects right from the start of your career. And not just small projects, but complex subjects for well-known clients.

Training programmes are, of course, a bit different from those at a lot of major consultancy firms – but they do exist. That said, I personally believe that you can learn a great deal more and a great deal faster by working on projects and in a team. The young consultants are always given very prompt feedback by partners and project managers. But what I really like is the family atmosphere at AXXCON. We get together on a regular basis and often do joint activities. Not long ago we all went go-karting or gliding. Nothing stands still here for too long – that’s for sure. Our bosses always say, ‘it’s our job to pass AXXCON on to the next generation’.

AXXCON offers interesting job opportunities on a regular basis. Mr Möller, what type of person exactly is AXXCON looking for?

First and foremost, AXXCON is looking for new talent attracted by the variety of tasks involved in working as a consultant – people who are interested in learning new spheres of work. We are especially interested in people with a background in economics, IT or engineering. Some initial professional expertise in the fields of digitalisation or innovation would be very useful. They should also be able to offer some initial experience in the energy supply, industrial (mechanical engineering, automotive) or finance and insurance sectors. However, we do focus especially on people who are starting out in their careers. Young people who have just graduated and who are really keen to explore new areas of activity – are a good fit for us.

Young people would be drawn initially to major consultancy firms. So why should they also consider AXXCON?

It’s absolutely true that, with thirty members of staff in two locations, AXXCON is one of the smaller consultancy firms. But the range of projects we are involved in is no less exciting and diverse. Our hierarchy structure is, of course, a lot flatter. We expect everyone to work independently and to bring their ideas to the table. But what really makes us different is our implementation skills. Our clients really appreciate that! Strategy and consultancy are one thing. However, we are also happy to put our shoulders to the wheel and support our clients during the implementation phase. Where other consultancy firms generally stop is where we leap in! This often leads to long-term partnerships. We can see the results for ourselves. We are also involved in optimising and improving processes, and the nice thing about that is that we get direct feedback.

And of course, we also have career structures. Our staff have the opportunity to progress through different grades all the way up to Partner level. It is important that these perspectives should exist. And at AXXCON they are definitely achievable.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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