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Our team of consultants – Your contacts

Our consultants are specialists in the field of change and interim management as well as professional project management. With our consultancy teams or our “managers for rent”, we support you in implementing your plans and projects in full, reinforce your operations and can also provide extra managers if needed.

How we work. Each project is directed by a partner who will put together and lead a team of senior advisors and consultants individually tailored to your situation. With their longstanding experience, our experts will be an optimum addition to your team.

We work very closely alongside your staff. In doing so, trust, openness, respect and a great business relationship are constantly in focus. We are convinced that team work and individuality are not in contradiction with one another – instead, they are the key to success.

Why not use us as a sparring partner for your projects? As consultants, as extra capacity, as managers in transition periods or as support for up-and-coming managers.
Make the most of the implementation know-how of our partners, senior advisors and consultants from different fields.

Meet our partners

Our AXXCON partners have many years of experience in top-level management. Through excellent leadership and analytical skills, they show they have a feel for your plans and cross-company tasks. In cooperation with our optimally selected teams made up of our consultants and your staff, they make sure implementation is a success. They always keep an eye on the overall picture to guarantee continuous progress and sustainable solutions.

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Meet our senior advisors

Our senior advisors are managers with outstanding references from their respective fields, who have great personalities and expert know-how. They are responsible for individual projects which they implement in cooperation with our consultants, and they take on tasks in interim management. This means you can enjoy temporary, tailor-made support from individually selected experts and can broaden your capacities on a flexible basis.

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The consultants

Our consultants are experts with in-depth knowledge of specialist subjects and methods. They are responsible for the planning and implementation of task packages and sub-projects. They act as an operational point of contact for you and are by your side throughout the entire project duration and implementation period.
We can draw on the expertise of carefully selected consultants, who best complement the team based on your field of business and tasks required.

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We will compile a custom-made portfolio for you that has been specially tailored to suit your field of business and your task definition.

You haven’t been able to find a suitable contact person? Get in touch with us.
We offer a fully tailor-made portfolio of additional Senior Advisers, specialising in your line of business and your task definition.