Sourcing Advisory – Consultation through outsourcing und insourcing

OPTIMISE YOUR BUSINESS – Use every service market option to your advantage

Rising cost pressure and higher demand for service quality requires companies to do more than just streamline their business processes. What’s more: It is important to focus on your core skills and to continually adapt your value chain. Companies that engage specialist, external providers in the appropriate areas achieve more success in optimising their business.

It is important to identify the processes by which companies achieve the greatest efficiency and, therewith, profit increases when using outsourcing partners. A regular analysis of the overall situation helps with this. Areas and processes within the value chain are optimised (outsourcing or insourcing), leading to an efficiency improvement that outweighs the potential loss of flexibility and competitive edge. Result: Efficient value creation ensures cost reduction and a better market position.

Our approach for the optimisation of your value creation through outsourcing and insourcing:
Our approach:
AXXCON advises its clients on their ideal value chain distribution. We are available for our clients whenever their value chain requires reorganisation. For their so-called carve-out processes - or outsourcing and insourcing projects - we help to identify suitable sectors right through to tendering and the finding of suitable providers.

We work together with you to create a tendering process, evaluate offers, provide advice on dealing with contracts, and help you establish Service Level Agreements (SLA) and methods for the efficient control of outsourcing partners.

Our claim:
We lay the foundations for a successful, long-term collaboration between our customers and their chosen outsourcing partners. Result: All participants are assured of sustained business success through risk minimisation.