IT Strategy/ IT Organisation

INCREASE PROFIT - Gain a competitive edge through the implementation of new IT strategies

Information Technology, IT for short, is not only a cost factor and cross-departmental function that needs to work like a water tap or a power outlet. In actual fact: Digitalisation is not indispensable in any industry or business sector. Even sales processes are almost entirely reliant on IT. Added to this is the intensive use of mobile devices by customers and employees. This development is forcing companies to make fundamental changes to their IT strategies and IT organisation.

Our methodology

AXXCON provides support for the digital transformation of sales departments. We optimise IT cost structures and ensure appropriate development and operating processes, in line with the company’s different production levels. In this way, our customers benefit from our ability to combine technical and functional expertise.

IT cost reduction

In strongly contested markets, IT costs often determine your competitive positioning. We use our extensive expertise to support you with the reorganisation of your IT infrastructure and application portfolio, as well as with the reduction of your IT procurement costs.

AXXCON has developed an innovative and holistic ‘Adapt to scale’ methodology. Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, we will work with you to create measured strategies to match requirements. Result: There will be considerable reduction in your IT costs and the complexity of your IT landscape. Naturally, we also help you to realise these concepts.

IT strategy and IT transformation

Both IT challenges and opportunities will evolve rapidly and steadily. In contrast, IT strategies, business models and IT infrastructure are often too rigid to keep pace with the speed of change. AXXCON helps our clients to develop strategies and implementation plans for effective IT utilisation. Result: A transparent IT infrastructure leads to improved business results.

IT restructuring

A fusion or carve-out requires an integrative, company-wide programme. IT can play a leading role in this and unfold far-reaching changes in your business. Close collaboration between AXXCON and our clients is thereby a prerequisite. Result: The effective handling of business processes with considerable cost saving potential.

Business process optimisation

IT is an integral component of business optimisation. Automated processes are just one example of this. Strategic IT application in core business processes is especially helpful with the supply chain and leads to a sustainable competitive edge. Result: An optimised value chain giving an improved market position.