FROM IDEA TO PRODUCT TIME AND AGAIN – recognising and correctly managing innovations

Innovation drives the sales of tomorrow. Whether in small or medium-sized businesses or even in DAX-listed companies, there is no lack of good ideas for innovations. But there are numerous hurdles: First, customer issues must be understood. Systematic implementation and organisational anchoring within the company presents perhaps the greatest challenge for many businesses.

How to drive your idea forward: Company-specific measures adapted to your needs support the implementation of an idea. These include: Idea generation workshops, methodical business model development or flexible project management. These enable rapid and cost-effective implementation. Intelligent sourcing, target-oriented staff development and a relevant network of partners can rapidly and cost-effectively counterbalance a lack of resources and expertise or technology loopholes.

Our consultancy approach for your innovation management: AXXCON Innovation Nucleus

Your customers, markets and partners are always the focus of your innovation considerations and processes. We have therefore named our consultancy approach for innovation management the Innovation Nucleus. For an innovation to be successful on the market, the fulfilment of customer requirements must take first priority.

Our approach:

AXXCON will advise you on product, process and business models for your innovations. AXXCON is your partner for innovation and accompanies you throughout every aspect of successful innovation management – from ideas development to market maturity and establishment.

We support you on four levels:

1.    Innovation Health Check:
Recognising innovation potential

With the Innovation Health Check, we help our customers to better understand both their objectives and their internal and external environments. This is how we identify innovation potential and create a foundation for sustainable innovation activities.

Our services:

  • Carrying out the Innovation Health Check
  • Determining the innovation maturity level
  • Determining a catalogue of measures and support for implementation

2.     Ideas and innovation management:
Developing a strategy for the innovation process

With systematic and sustainable innovation management, we ensure that new ideas are brought onto the market more rapidly and cost-effectively.

Our services:

  • Strategy check and any necessary implementation of suggestions for further development and adaptation of the organisation
  • Implementation of an innovation process
  • Innovation portfolio management
  • Preparation and implementation of measures to improve cultures of management and innovation

3.    Innovation support:
Innovation introduction and establishment

Handled in the right way, ideas are rapidly and efficiently tested and scaled up onto the market. Here we rely on methods such as design thinking, rapid prototyping and flexible project management. Building on correct innovation management, we support you from idea through to introduction.

Our services:

  • Support in idea generation (ideation), customer surveys (insights) and business model development (incubation)
  • Support in the run-up to pilot testing (pitch preparation)
  • Project and programme management
  • Support in the run-up to product introduction and scaling
  • Commercial support
  • Sourcing advice

4.    Innovation outside the organisation:
Using synergies

Other companies and industries also face the challenge of their own further development. Using our network, we help you to identify key partners and to make their knowledge work for you too.

Our services:

  • Contact with incubators and start-ups
  • Development of joint ventures
  • Support for mergers and acquisitions
  • Knowledge transfers

Our expert tip:

Test your innovations in close coordination and interconnection with existing activities in the company. This makes use of potentials and synergies and reduces the risk of duplicated investments