SECURE YOUR EXISTENCE - lay the foundations for lasting success during the hard times.

Good past results are no guarantee of a secure future. If there is a change in market or competitive conditions, many companies fail to adapt systematically and to regroup themselves. During a restructuring, companies often limit themselves to purely financial measures and a conventional overhead value analysis. This usually only leads to short-term success.

Our approach for sustained efficiency improvement:
Our approach:
AXXCON favours sustainable efficiency improvement right across the value chain and using financial and performance-related measures. In this way, businesses can improve their short-term economic situation. They will achieve a real ‘turnaround’ in the medium to long term.

Our managers and consultants will help you determine the final earnings gap between your current financial situation and your profit target. The basis for this is an analysis of market prices and your individual cost situation, i.e. an actual recording of financial circumstances.

We use this to identify the mechanism for tweaking. So where is the need for restructuring? We develop strategies with you as you are closing gaps and deriving concrete measures. We use an implementation plan and project controlling to support you throughout the reorganisation and implementation measures. Result: The effects will be visible in your profit and loss account.

During the transformation, our experts will provide on-site support for your team. With many years experience in line manager roles gained from numerous efficiency projects, you learn how to overcome internal resistance and achieve real change.

Our expert tip:
It is of key importance to implement the defined measures in a systematic way and involve staff members from the beginning. An implementation plan helps with this.