The essence of knowledge is, once having it, to apply it.

Our expertise

AXXCON’s services are focussed on change processes in the private and public sector. We handle the restructuring of growing organisations and the streamlining and optimisation of complex processes. We provide sustainable and future-oriented redevelopment of IT strategies and structures. We examine the whole value chain and support outsourcing and insourcing projects wherever they can contribute to optimisation.

Our project teams can offer you support in the areas of transformation, efficiency, sourcing, IT strategy / IT organisation and innovation.



Our standards

We aim to work with you to bring about sustainable changes and to add to the improved efficiency of your business. We want to improve your core business. Our consultants offer a comprehensive know-how and proven expertise in handling complex transformation projects.
AXXCON is characterised by a team with a special blend of expertise and above-average individual performance expectations. It is necessary for us to transform strategies and plans as part of everyday business.


Our consulting team is comprised of people with varying skills. This includes managers with specialist knowledge in your area, matching experience and detailed knowledge in your required field of activity. With a sound knowledge of organisations and persons acting in concert, we are equally comfortable with legal frameworks, company-specific processes and IT structures. We combine our strategic planning skills with your expertise, and develop and optimise strategies in close collaboration with your senior management.


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Industry sectors

Our consultants’ expertise and industry background makes AXXCON a valued partner for the energy sector and for companies in the industrial, financial services and telecommunication industries. We can offer a wide range of references in our area of expertise. For each industry, we provide a carefully selected team, chosen for their complementary skills to find the best possible solutions for your task.