FOCUS: Digitalisation

Digital transformation is ubiquitous today and the expectations of customers as well as business partners are continually changing. Companies - both from the consumer sector and the B2B environment, whether non-profit organisations or public agencies - need to respond with target-oriented and customised solutions. 


Appropriate and company-specific solutions for the challenges in a digital world are key for the survival of your company.


The time has come to find new answers. How will your company benefit from new technologies in order to stand up to the competition? How can you be there for your customers in the digital world rather than simply following them?



FOCUS: Digitalisation

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Is your business facing a digital transformation?

Digitalisation is much more than developing innovative business models and digital strategies. It is above all about activating a company’s readiness to change. This is the prerequisite for the successful implementation of new concepts and this is precisely where AXXCON comes in. We prepare your organisation to respond to changes and thus create the necessary basis for finding, establishing and monetizing innovations.


Our approach and digitalisation model
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Finding and managing innovations


Our approach and digitalisation model

We develop solutions and strategies tailored to your company:

Step 1: Strategy assessment - determining digital readiness

Finding your individual path into the digital future requires you to know where your company stands. We work closely with you to analyse your “digital readiness” and create a situation profile. It models the initial situation and the maturity of your organisation while shedding light on market, competition and internal structures. Our analysis can give you an independent assessment of your current situation.


Step 2: Strategy development - developing a mission statement

With the risks and opportunities in mind we can then move on to helping you develop a clear mission statement for the future, based on your digital readiness. Together we accelerate the implementation of customer-oriented solutions to ensure your survival in a digital world. As your partner, we provide you with methods and help you to identify valuable ideas.


Step 3: Strategic planning - creating a roadmap

In a third step, we will help you to develop a “digital roadmap”. This is the key to strategy implementation, including concrete measures and timetables. We support you in piloting and as well as in preparing your structures, processes and corporate culture for the coming changes.

Digitalisation model: Your customer at the centre of your organisation

Digitalisation projects vary in complexity


Using our digitalisation model allows us to map out your company’s complexity and unite your current situation and mission statement in a graphic. 


The focus lies on your customers and all relevant stakeholders. Here it is no longer solely about the purchase of your services, but rather the extended benefit and the added value - from information gathering and decision-making through to cooperation. We speak of “user experience”, meaning the experiences at all points of contact between the customer and your company.


The digitalisation model includes all major influencing and shaping factors of an organisation. Governance, leadership, technology, corporate strategy, culture, people, services, and processes can be shaped to ensure that user experience is consistently positive.




Why choose AXXCON


AXXCON accompanies your business in the digital world. We are at your side and help you find your way in the digital environment. We work with you to define an appropriate strategy and advance the digital transformation of your business model and your organisation. We not only make plans but above all also support you with implementation.


Digitalisation projects are initially closely linked to the modification of existing structures and processes. This requires one thing above all: working towards change in the company. Only then will you have created the conditions for opening up to the digital world.


Since we have plenty of experience with transformation and change projects, we know where to begin in order to establish changes in the organisation. We supplement knowledge with experience from many efficiency and IT projects, coupled with digital expertise. Our core competency in project and programme management makes us the right partner for complex digitalisation projects.